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Shipping rates

Shipping rates Parcels

Parcels can weight max 29kg .  If just one item of your cart has more than 29kg, only freight mode would be available.
You can have till 5 parcels per order, this means a maximal weight of 145 kg including package.
Delivery is done trough DHL.

Prices in EUR including VAT :

Country Weight Price
AT-DE up to 30kg 6,95
BE-DK-FR-NL-LU up to 10kg
up to 29kg
up to 29kg with 200 EUR order
up to 10kg
up to 29kg
up to 29kg with 300 EUR order
CH**-LI-NO incl. custom clearence up to 10kg
up to 29kg

For islands, overseas and other countries : price on demand.

No minimal amount for orders is required.
Delivery time : less then a week, if all items available. Islands, overseas and other countries may be limited in weight per parcel and delivery time can be longer.
Quick preparation (option € 4,95). order before 14:00, preparation et shipment the same day if all items available. After 14:00 shipment the next openig day. Does not include express shipping.
Special packaging :  for moulds and biscuits :  2,-€ option per parcel. Idem boites et plaques d'isolants.


Freight Rates

On our website we have set up the freight rates for the following EU countries. If you do not find yours, please contact us.

Simply select your country, specify the weight as well as the first two digits of your postal code. The freight rate will show up. 
Islands and ski resorts are not included. Please ask for a quote.

Delivery country :
If you don't find your country, please ask us for a quote.

Zip :
Weight kg :

Price :


This price does not include islands or ski resorts. Please inquire.

- option avis (6,70 EUR now in Price included)
- 20 Kg for Palette and Packing is added to the items weight.
Options per shipment not included :
- option truck with lifting ramp for Italy only (+60,- EUR)