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31.01.2019 Kilns delivery delays

Actual delivery delay for standard Kilns by manufacturers :
- ROHDE: approx. 12 weeks
- PYROTEC: approx. 14 weeks
- KITTEC: approx. 12 weeks
- NABERTHERM: approx. 2 weeks

For precise delays and availability from kiln expositional models, please contact us at eMail  technik@keramik-kraft.com

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KERAMIK-KRAFT's international webshop for pottery and ceramic supply


Dear Customers and Websurfers, 

welcome to my brand-new international webshop. On the following pages you will get Europes largest assortment only for pottery and ceramic supplies. 

If you have questions about our products, please see click the "Detail" button below the items in the web shop or write us a mail. My team will be pleased to answer your questions in English, French, Spanish or German.