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ORG44TR Raku-Toploader (Rohde/TR44) w. Raku accessories

Raku-Toploader (Rohde/TR44) w. Raku accessories

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Raku-Toploader (Rohde/TR44) w. Raku accessories
assortment : On Order
delivery time : 3 Weeks This item is not available for picking up in the following stores :


AC = Aachen (DE)
F = Frankfurt (DE)
H = Hannover (DE)
HH = Hamburg (DE)
KS = Kassel (DE)
MS = Münster (DE)
TS = Chiemgau Traunstein (DE)
N = Nürnberg (DE)
W = Wien (AT)
Price :
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1 019,00 € incl. VAT.
856,30€ excl. VAT.

Rebates :
Weight : 60 Kg
Weight with Packing : 60 Kg
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< Volume (Ltr.) :
Type :
Temp. max. C° :
Heating :
Isolation :
Temp. in continous use (C°) :
Power connector :
Power (kW) :
Special properties :
Width (cm) :
Depth (cm) :
Height (cm) :
Overall Width :
Overall depth :
Overall height (cm) :
Phases (quant.) :
Current per phase (A) :
Guarantee (years :
Weight kg :

On Order the Raku-Toploader the Fa. Rohde sind eine stable Alternative to a günstigen price to the „Selbstbau-Tonnen-Öfen“. Sie sind complete faserfrei and damit long haltbar. for the Transport können sie zerlegt werden. Modelle inclusive Brenner, Gasdruckregler, Druckanzeige, Druckschlauch, Temperaturmessgerät.

Technical Data:

complete with 1 Brenner,Temp.anzeige
Schlauchanschluss, pressure regulator
content : 44 Liter
use area : 40 h=35 (Cm)
exterior dim. : 58 h=79 (Cm)
Maxtemp.: 1150°C
burner : 30kW
plates dim. : 35 (Cm)

Raku-Toploader (Rohde/TR44) w. Raku accessories
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Raku-Toploader (Rohde/TR44) w. Raku accessories
clic on picture to enlarge
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Optionen :

Raku tong 80 cm round (Kittec)
(W6435) 84,49 €
Raku tong 80 cm stabiles Gelenk 4P.Aufl.
(W6433) 53,99 €
Raku tong 80 cm stabiles Gelenk 6P.Aufl.
Raku tong with 6-Punktauf- lage. very stabiles Gelenk with nachgebenden Griffen, um the Ceramics not to brechen.
(W6432) 56,49 €
installation kit XXL with 3 Plates for
-> only available when buying a Kiln.
- Plates round
- thick supports je 6x 20-50-100-150mm
- 40 Steel supports je 10x25-35-50-75mm
- 1 Pair Heat leather gloves to range
- 2kg Trennmittel (for Plates protection)
(X513) 169,00 €
installation kit Stand. with 3 Plates for i.38-40cm
-> only available when buying a Kiln.
- Plates round
- supports thin wall je 6x 20-50-100-150mm
- 2kg Trennmittel (for Plates protection)
(X413) 69,90 €
Raku accessories complete
On Order
(ORG005) 579,00 €
Euro-Set Adapter big 1-4
On Order
(ORG007) 37,90 €
drying attachment KR150
On Order
(ORG041) 109,00 €
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