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Top-Loading Kilns Oval Rohde Series TG

Volume (Ltr.):


Temp. max. C°:



Temp. in continous use (C°):

Power connector:

Power (kW):

Special properties:

Width (cm):

Depth (cm):

Height (cm):

Overall Width:

Overall depth:

Overall height (cm):

Phases (quant.):

Current per phase (A):

Guarantee (years:

Weight kg:

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ORG80TG Gas kiln toploader (Rohde) TG80

On Order

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Gas kiln toploader (Rohde) TG80

Gas kiln toploader (Rohde) TG80

On Order

delivery time : 6 Weeks

Item.Nr. pro Gross Net
ORG80TG TG80 bot. 1 St 3 304,00 2 776,47
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ORG170TG TG170 1 St 4 349,00 3 654,62
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ORG220TG TG220 1 St 5 229,00 4 394,12
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ORG270TG TG270 1 St 5 994,00 5 036,97
---> Details