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Powder Glazes 1120-1160 ° C.

Stoneware is playing an increasingly important position in the ceramic, since most furnaces can now easily burn over 1200 degrees. The glazes are applied to stoneware clay and fired at least 1220 °. Glazed stoneware at this temperature and the ceramic is waterproof and is very stable. Stoneware crockery is of very high life as well as stoneware ceramics, which allows no penetration of water freezing and thereby outdoors in frost is tolerated. When choosing the appropriate tone must be paid only on the maximum tolerable temperature. The decline in color intensity in the oxidized stoneware firing at Elektrobrennöfen may possibly be offset by reduction in gas kiln. Coloring of glazes:

white and transparent glazes könnenmit basic stains, oxides or carbonates are dyed one. Color body: adding 5-15%. Advantage: If glaze hardly comparable changes in their composition and evenly colored. Oxides: adding 2-10%. Advantage: Most powerful colors as pigments, and carbonates. Better depth. Carbonates: adding 3-10%. Advantage of resources in carbonate form are generally much less toxic than oxides. The handling of powder lacquers and raw materials storage: Provide dust-free storage. At Staub education provide ventilation or wear appropriate respirator. Materials must be stored so that they can not get into the hands of children. Ecology: Do not fall into the wastewater. Although materials can be virtually separated mechanically, as a rule can, for example, lead is bioavailable and acid-soluble. Tonabscheider use, see page 214 Pay attention to the symbol of dead fish. " Accidental release measures required. Avoid generating dust. Store in suitable containers for disposal. Brand: The materials are in powder form may not vote on brennbar.Löschmittel environment. Instructions: Do not breathe dust - Avoid contact with eyes and skin - eating and do not smoke, drink or take drugs - Keep away from food - after work and before breaks for thorough skin cleansing - wear gloves and dust filter P2. Hazards & Precautions: If present or required notes to the hazardous material labels. Contribute to mandatory labeling raw glazes or in any case, a respirator with P2 particulate filter and protective gloves and goggles. First Aid: Always consult a doctor and show this label, or call our un ter number 09120-18460. Disposal: raw materials, glazes or requiring labeling only specialistretailers (redemption price: € 40, - / kg), hazardous waste disposal site or mobile made possible by an authorized transportation to a special forwarding. User Group: Marking requiring glazes or raw materials may be used only by trained personnel, students in schools only with expert guidance for occasional use (see TRGS450). Pregnant women must not handle teratogenic substances (eg lead).

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GR1130 Gl. transparent brilliant 1120-1180°

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ab 25x 5% = 9,41 (7,90)
ab 50x 10% = 8,91 (7,49)

Gl. transparent brilliant  1120-1180°

Gl. transparent brilliant 1120-1180°

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Item.Nr. pro Gross Net
GR1130 Bt. 1 kg 9,90 8,32
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GR1130-025 Bt. 250 kg 3,47 2,92
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GR1131 Gl. white brilliant 1120-1180°

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ab 100x 35% = 5,46 (4,59)
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ab 25x 5% = 7,98 (6,71)
ab 50x 10% = 7,56 (6,35)

Gl. white brilliant  1120-1180°

Gl. white brilliant 1120-1180°

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Item.Nr. pro Gross Net
GR1131 Bt. 1 kg 8,40 7,06
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GR1131-025 Bt. 250 kg 3,12 2,62
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Gl. transparent brilliant  1020-1160° (KGG26)

Gl. transparent brilliant 1020-1160° (KGG26)

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Item.Nr. pro Gross Net
GR26 Bt. 1 kg 12,40 10,42
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GR26-025 Bt. 250 kg 4,05 3,40
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